September Meeting

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We were a small number but we covered a lot of ground!

Our Writing

Each of us had brought along a short piece of writing. One definitely has the beginnings of a crime novel, involving metal detectorists and the discovery of a hand. Another piece had a strong geographical element where the writer was viewing a low flying aircraft, marvelling at their approach through a scenic Scottish glen. Next, there was another murder. Or was it? Some might say an act of revenge. We definitely entertained each other.


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A common topic that comes up is how we write and when we write. What are our writing habits? Some of us write in the morning, others prefer later in the day. Night owls are happiest through the wee small hours. Whilst some people can write anywhere, anytime, for instance on their phone, more often we prefer a settled space in a quiet room or space. Others can write outside, for instance on a beach or a park bench. Some of  us plan to write and may even have a set time. Others can be stimulated at random times by thoughts or experiences and come back to write ideas up, at a later date. Some individuals prefer to use a keyboard, whilst others like pen and paper. others still use a good old fashioned pencil. Do you prefer silence or background music? if so, what kind? Can you get back to writing after an interruption or do you lose the flow? Do any of these things really matter? We decided not. As long as we write, that’s the main thing.  

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